Ricky Gervais pitches Blanks a show

Ricky Gervais stars as Dr McPhee in Night at the Museum 3. In the above interview you won’t learn much about the movie. Nonetheless the topics of Ryan Seacrest, Honey Boo and an innovative new TV show are all discussed in another interview between Blanks and Gervais. A winding discussion of banter between two overweight guys wearing ties as his lovely girlfriend looks on!

Also big congratulations to Ricky as he got nominated for a Golden Globe Award that morning.

Can Mick Jagger remember the 70’s?

Mick Jagger is a living legend. I’m trying to figure out who else would be in that stratosphere of legends. Obviously, Keith Richards — but do any (other) movie stars equal that level of superstardom? I rate Robert DeNiro highly, but how do actors weigh up against rock stars?

That’s why when Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger says he is going to walk a red carpet on a Friday night, you turn up. Jagger is the executive producer of HBO’s brand new series VINYL, premiering February 14th.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing the first two hours and this show is wild, highlighting the transformation of the music world in the early ’70s. It showcases New York City as it comes alive with the early sounds of Hip Hop, the madness of the punk scene from the Lower East Side and even the European flavored pop of ABBA gets a mention.

It was a tough week for Jagger, with the loss of his collaborator and good friend David Bowie. On top of that, his ex-wife Jerry Hall had just said “yes” to the marriage proposal from 82-year-old Australian born media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

To watch Mick walk the red carpet was fascinating. This guy is smaller, verging on petite, but never stopped moving the whole time, as if he was filled with Mexican jumping beans — and he answers everyone’s questions like a true professional.

When he turned up in front of me, I just launched into my opening question: “Mick, can you even remember the early ’70s?” He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes and I thought I’d screwed up with my slightly edgy and idiotic question — with an Aussie accent — I thought I was a goner! He smirked, paused and then corrected me, “Of course I remember it. I remember it very well.”

Mick then went on to explain his experience of New York City in the ’70s, noting that there were some places that you just didn’t go.

“I lived in New York a lot of the time in the ’70s,” Jagger recalls. “I remember what it was like; it was very poor, it was very dirty — the Lower East Side you never went to… a lot of places which are very chic now you wouldn’t ever go.”

“But the thing about the series,” Mick went on to explain, “is it’s a drama, it’s about characters — it’s about this central character who owns a record company who’s pretty crazy and he has to extricate himself from the mess he’s made for his life.”

And just like that, he was gone. Mick turned around to chat with Harry Belafonte!


Snagging Samuel L Jackson

I went along to the red carpet for the HBO series, “Show me a Hero”. I got talking to a wonderful woman called LaTanya Jackson. As you see in the video above she has plenty of spunk. She is also the wife of movie legend, Samuel L Jackson. He attended the event like any good husband should do and support his Mrs. He was standing cool against a wall like a bad mo fo. Midway through my interview with LaTanya I thought I’d try an old red carpet move where I would get him inserted in the interview. This move worked where I was able to get them discussing his brilliant movies. Although they didn’t really understand where I was going with the turning point in his career. I suggested that pre-Pulp Fiction he played villains, then post Pulp, he became a hero. Nonetheless like a proud wife, LaTanya did say that Samuel was the most memorable part of Coming to America.

Take a look at the scene as it is awesome…. and a shout out to my old buddy Louie Anderson who is behind the counter!

Hannah Davis sparked controversy with her too much torso photo on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. We catch up where figure out how she got those thumbs on the inside of her bikini bottoms and play the game, Thong, Naked or Body Paint?


Fine lady Felicity Jones talks Hawking

The Theory of Everything is firmly in my top 3 movies heading into the holiday season. I got to chat with Felicity Jones who plays Stephen Hawking’s wife in the movie. She is sensational in the film. We catch up and have a chat about pulling off comedy in a movie which is very much about a couple’s struggle.

Learn how to party from 2 Chainz

This was one of my favorite interviews of the year. The gentleman I met is called 2Chainz. I didn’t know much about him. He looked like he really knew how to party. This year I wanted to learn new things and you can always party a little smarter. I hope you learn as much as I did from this interview.

John Malkovich once touched an Octopus


Looking into the eyes of one of Hollywood’s greatest villainous actors is a scary ordeal. I first saw John Malkovich in the Clint Eastwood movie “In the Line of Fire” and he scared the heck out of me. That scene where he uses his wooden gun invention on an unsuspecting hunter/fisherman was chilling. Lucky for the President, Clint Eastwood saved the day.

Malkovich then popped up in the action-thriller “Con-Air”. He had the sadistic role of Cyrus The Virus Grissom where he thwarted Nic Cage’s plans of wanting to get home to his beloved family.

“Being John Malkovich” is the movie that took him into legendary status and underlined him as an actor that was to be taken seriously on film, and off it!

Malkovich’s latest role is far from drama, yet he is still the ultimate villain. He plays the role of “Dave the Octopus” in The Penguins of Madagascar, in theatres this Thanksgiving.

In my interview with Mr Malkovich we learn about how he prepared to play a cartoon character and his love for the octopus.

Eddie Redmayne will win the Oscar

I recently caught up with Eddie Redmayne at a small screening for his new movie The Theory Of Everything. He is definitely the toast of New York City. There are many screenings of the movie happening around town hosted by the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman in a bid to woo Oscar voters. And yes they will be woo’ed. It is a fantastic movie with a sterling performance from Redmayne, playing genius Dr Stephen Hawking. The movie is based on the book written by Hawking’s ex-wife, who is played by Felicity Jones, who brings comedy and heartbreak.

In the interview above I ask Eddie about Dr Hawking’s Simpson’s episode. Here is a great little vid on Hawking talking about that particular episode. How good is Homer’s line at the very end????

Bill Murray gives good advice

Bill Murray plays an angry old codger in his latest movie St Vincent. The film looks fantastic, where Bill becomes a babysitter. I was pumped to get the chance to chat with the great man. He had come off a wild weekend in Scotland where he played and partied with Rory McIlroy. At this golf pro-am he even took the stage at a party and belted out some tunes.

Bill is in the form of his life. WATCH this vid where I even get a little glimpse of what his “Cinderella Boy” speech in Caddyshack means to modern golfers today.

Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris talk murder

Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris star in the movie Gone Girl. I have made a point of not knowing anything about this movie before I see it. David Fincher knows how to add twists. The last time Fincher made a movie on marriage he put Gwyneth’s head in a box.

Check out the video below which also has Tyler Perry in it, who plays a Johnny Cochran-styled lawyer in the movie.